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 Bitcoin Industry Secrets - Super Bowl and Ads

Crypto companies are preparing for this year's Super Bowl with numerous commercials and NFT promotions.

On Sunday it's that time again. The event of superlatives, the Super Bowl, takes place this time in the city of angels, Los Angeles. Stars and starlets will provide the perfect setting for the sporting event. The Super Bowl is not only an event, but also an enormous economic factor.

Bitcoin Industry - Super Bowl and Ads   Crypto companies are preparing for this year's Super Bowl with numerous commercials and NFT promotions.

There is a funny Super Bowl anecdote for the superstitious traders and investors. The "Big Game" is intended to provide a predictive power for the current stock market year, depending on which team wins. Bulls prefer the team from the NFC division and bears prefer the team from the AFC division. The "indicator" has cracked in recent years, however, as the S&P 500 Index has still posted gains in 10 of the last 11 AFC winners. The "indicator" worked better when Tom Brady was still in the game. His record seven wins for the NFC were followed by good stock years, while the three he lost were lousy years.

Crypto Companies Advertise at the Super Bowl

Because the Super Bowl is both a social event and a sporting event, it is considered an important promotional venue for companies. In a world where streaming and on-demand are gaining traction, there's a huge disconnect from the old days. It used to be common for all friends and acquaintances to gather to watch the free program of the event. And a lot of people focus on the ads just as much, if not more, than the game itself.

The companies spend millions on a 30-second spot. The advertisers at this event are also logical. Of course, suppliers of beer and salty snacks are the main players. But there are always newcomers, especially from sectors that are experiencing a boom in the respective year.  

Super Bowl Bad Omen for Crypto?

An example can be found in the most recent event, when online broker Robinhood Markets' first-ever promotion heralded the peak in meme stocks at the time.

This year, the group of advertisers reads as follows. car manufacturers, food and beer manufacturers and tourism. The cryptocurrency platforms are new this year. The companies are paying up to $7 million per ad to capture viewers' attention during the countless breaks in the game between the LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals.

These include trading platform FTX, which is set to give away millions of dollars in bitcoin during the Super Bowl as part of its sports strategy, which includes an ad starring the now-retired Tom Brady. FTX is better known by its brand name Crypto.com and the numerous promotional deals that have been announced in recent months. The burgeoning partnership between crypto exchanges and esports is thus reaching a climax. However, it is not possible to say whether this is a negative signal for the crypto scene, as crypto has not yet arrived in the mainstream.

Crypto Industry floods the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the most coveted and expensive events in the sports world. This year, countless crypto companies are positioning themselves with Super Bowl ads and promotions. Super Bowl attendees will even receive an official NFT as a souvenir.

The annual event is often associated with current trends and is reflected above all in the advertising, which is broadcast to over 100 million households during the breaks in TV transmissions. With interest in crypto assets steadily increasing, this year will feature relevant companies and possibly some NFT communities.

Official Super Bowl NFTs

With fans shelling out thousands of dollars to enter the world's most expensive stadium, it remains a pipe dream for many. That makes an exclusive community for those who can attend the Super Bowl in California on February 13th in person. In keeping with the spirit of the moment, the NFL will offer each attendee of this year's Super Bowl a personalized NFT ticket stamped with their seat number.

Along with the usual dose of sports, beer and violence, NFL fans received a digital token when purchasing tickets. This will be sent directly to the registered email address after the game. With the special ticket NFT , fans can choose their preferred team and receive a corresponding picture.

Bitcoin Industry Super Bowl and Ads Crypto companies are preparing for this year's Super Bowl with numerous commercials and NFT promotions.

Advertisement for crypto companies

22 years after the dot-com hype, the Super Bowl sees another influx of tech hopefuls: crypto brands looking to capitalize on a blisteringly hot market and educate consumers about the new technology. FTX, one of the leading crypto exchanges, will air its first commercial for the game this year.

Other companies position themselves

The event marks the beginning of an ongoing partnership between Rolling Stone magazine and crypto exchange Coinbase. A shared NFT art collection includes pieces from the most influential NFT artists such as Deadfellaz, Boss Beauties and Afrofuturism graphic designer Jeff Manning. Additionally, Coinbase wallet users will receive an exclusive NFT from some of the best graphic designers and digital artists at a pre-game party.

The US beer brand Budweiser is also jumping on the NFT train. The "Bud Light N3XT Collection" consists of 12,722 unique chips that are designed in the colors of a Bud Light beer brand. Token holders will have the opportunity to vote on Bud Light NEXT items, gain access to brand and partner events, and receive more surprises. They are generative artworks created from random two-part backgrounds with various icons.

Sauce maker Frank's RedHot went furthest with the first "edible NFT" and parody cryptocurrency "Bonecoin". From January 27th until the end of the Super Bowl, fans can scan pictures of their chicken wing bones to earn Bonecoin. The fan who collects the most Bonecoin wins the Frank's RedHot NFT and its edible replica, the "eNFT". To many, these actions may just seem like desperate marketing gimmicks. But unless the concept of the metaverse is a passing fad, more brands will try to break into the world of NFTs in the future.

Bitcoin Industry Secrets - Super Bowl and Ads


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